CHICAGO (CBS) — We’ve all been there: rolling down the expressway when a group of motorcycles speed past, darting between cars.

A CBS 2 intern captured one such occurrence – one motorcycle after another zipping by – while rolling down the Dan Ryan with a CBS 2 crew.

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CBS 2’s Brad Edwards brought the tape to Illinois State Police.

“It could be the basis of intelligence to lead to an investigation,” said ISP Master Sgt. Jeff Grendzinski. “It’s been identified that they are out there operating in rogue fashion.”

Illinois State Police have teamed up with Skokie and Lincolnwood police to try to catch “rogue riders” – people who recklessly race motorcycles on the Edens Expressway.

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Not only do such so-called “rogue riders” ride their bikes at much faster speeds than the rest of traffic, they often ignore designated lane markers, ride on the shoulders, pop wheelies, and perform other dangerous stunts.

“It’s frustrating because we’d like to solve every instance out there,” said Grendzinski. “Those motorcycles, when out of control, are worse than a missile.”

State police would like motorists to call 911 about the speeding and recklessly driving motorcyclists along the Edens between Devon Avenue and Old Orchard Road. Drivers who spot such reckless riding are asked to provide a description of the motorcycles involved, and the location of the incident.

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“Operation Rogue Rider” will soon expand to the Dan Ryan Expressway and Interstate 57.

Brad Edwards