(WSCR) Veteran White Sox left-handed reliever Matt Thornton has had his share of rough outings this season.

He’s 4-8 with a 3.83 ERA in 55 appearances this season. Fans have often criticized Thornton’s inconsistencies this season, and pitching coach Don Cooper is tired of hearing it.

“It annoys me, to tell you the truth,” Cooper told The Mully and Hanley Show. “Everybody wants to run this guy out of town, yet he holds (records), since 2006, for holds, innings, appearances, strikeouts – more than anybody in baseball as a reliever. He has a tough game, everybody wants to run him out of town. It seems like Matt’s the guy people love to hate right now. Again, there are 29 other teams out there – they all would want him.”

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“We gotta remember that he’s been out there an awful lot. He’s done an awful lot for us and he holds a lot of White Sox records and in all of baseball. (He’s) done a lot of good things over the last six years. Just so you know, we’re still going to run him out there, everybody.”

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