CHICAGO (CBS) — Did you catch the weather report for tomorrow — a mostly sunny day? I hope it’s not.

I’m praying for rain, because in the afternoon tomorrow, if there happens to be a fire in Chicago, we may need some rain. The firefighters on duty will be doing “booty duty.”

Like last week, out of their firehouses, onto the street, asking us to put money in their boots for that old Muscular Dystrophy charity made famous by Jerry Lewis.

They will be following orders of the fire commissioner to stuff the boots with as much as they can. All firefighters — who ought to be standing by their gear and their engines, ready to fly, thinking, planning how to save a life — will be doing booty duty for three hours.

I say we put not money in a boot but a note:

“Dear Commissioner, booty duty’s risky. Stop it, before you have reason to regret it.”

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