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MORRIS, Ill. (CBS) — He’s just a small boy, but he has a huge heart.

Dakota Goff spends his time on a project to help sick children and their parents.

The young man is someone you should know, CBS 2’s Harry Porterfield reports.

If you drink canned beverages you know what a pop tab is, and you’ve seen a lot of them. But you probably have never seen this many in one place.

Five-year-old Dakota of Morris is responsible for collecting all the tabs, which will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House in Oak Lawn. Parents stay there while their kids are hospitalized.

“They’re sick, and I’m,” Dakota says of his motivation.

Born without a left hand, the youngster, with the help of his parents, has placed pop tab collection canisters at 10 businesses in Morris.

One of them is at Lesa’s Liberty Street Café.

“I have never met a more incredible little boy,” owner Lesa Faller says.

Dakota’s effort has yielded 11½ 18-gallon containers of pop tops.

“He went out and hit the streets and asked everyone who had cans if he could have the pop tabs,” Dakota’s dad, Kevin, says.

“He is pretty persistent,” Dakota’s mother, Kara Goff, says. “We can’t even go on a bike ride without picking up pop tabs on the ground.”