(WSCR) A Memphis, Tenn., mother of two is being charged with aggravated assault after she beat her son’s football coach with a baseball bat because her son said the coach had molested him, along with other players.

Lakeshia Richmond’s 8-year-old son reportedly told his mother his football coach, Tony Massey, had inappropriately touched him and other members of his football team.

“I asked them ‘Did he touch you bad, did he touch you down there?’ and my little boy said ‘yes’,” Richmond claimed, “and I said ‘was it just you?’ and he said ‘no, it was some more kids.’”

Shortly after, Richmond spotted Massey and allegedly went to the trunk of her car, grabbed a baseball bat and began beating the football coach.

“When I see him, I see my kids being hurt and that’s all I see,” she said.

“During the beating he was saying he didn’t do it and that he was sorry,” said Richmond. “If you didn’t do it then why are you saying you’re sorry? What are you sorry for?”

Reports indicate Massey is currently listed in serious condition at the hospital. Warrants served to him by local police have yielded no evidence of child abuse. Richmond appeared in court Tuesday, and is facing aggravated assault charges.

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