CHICAGO (CBS) — Father Michael Pfleger took to Twitter, questioning why the shootings today in New York was an international story, while overnight violence in Chicago barely raised an eyebrow.

In the tweet, Pfleger said: “Several shot at Empire State Bldg = WORLD NEWS / 18 shot in Chicago last night ANOTHER DAY !!”

Two people were killed in New York when a gunman shot and killed a co-worker near the Empire State Building.

The gunman, Jeffrey Johnson, was then killed by police who quickly responded to the scene. Several other people were injured in the crossfire.

Overnight in Chicago, 19 people were shot, including eight on one attack in the South Shore neighborhood.

Pfleger for years has crusaded against violence on Chicago’s streets, blasting government for failing to do enough to stop the bloodshed.

Last March, following a deadly shooting near his church, Pfleger said: “We have congressmen and senators that will not do something about easy access to guns, because it’s black and brown children being killed in this country; and nobody gives a damn about our children.”

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