CHICAGO (CBS) — The Chicago Teachers Union and the Chicago School Board may be at loggerheads when it comes to a new contract, but in schools where classes have already begun, it’s all business.

Principals in several so called Track E, or extended year, public schools say their teachers are not letting contract issues fester inside their buildings.

Krish Mohip is principal of Walsh Elementary School says, “We have all this noise about the strike but they focus on what they care to do. Their passion is the children and it’s played out every single day.”

Principal Lauren Albani of Lafayette Elementary School says despite whatever is swirling in the public arena in regards to a possible strike, her teachers have been phenomenal.

“They come to work every day knowing what they need to do and they do it,” said Albani. “Whatever they think about the CTU is not coming into the building…speaks to their professionalism.”

A source tells WBBM Newsradio that CTU President Karen Lewis plans to file a 10-day strike notice today. That means teachers could walk off the job as soon as the end of next week, which is also the end of the first week of school for most public schools.

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