By Walter Jacobson

CHICAGO (CBS)– Dear mom and dad, all moms and dads in Chicago: Are you wringing your hands about your public school teachers walking out, your children being locked out?

Do you need to know what to do? Do you want to know about the negotiations in order to better plan what you may have to do?

Well, mom and dad, too bad for you. The teachers union and the Board of Ed, especially the Board of Ed, will not talk about the negotiations. Never mind how they affect millions of taxpayers and hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.

As I see it, public school parents not only need to know, but have the right to know what’s going on. What specifically –- tonight — are the union and the board arguing about? How much are they giving and taking to keep the public schools open?

That transparency the mayor is always talking about? Please. Walk the talk. Let us in on the arguments. Maybe you’ll do better resolving them.