OAK BROOK, Ill. (CBS) — Amid the ritzy, glitzy, high-end stores at the Oak Brook Mall, there stands the Oak Brook Barber Salon, which was one of the very first tenants 50 years ago.

Joe Guido remembers when there was just a fraction of the stores that there is now. Back then, his hair was a little darker, but what hasn’t changed since the early days is his devotion to customer service.

“I think the people make it, and it’s a good feeling when I come to work,” Guido says. “It’s a good family atmosphere.”

Guido has many devoted customers like Eric Schuller, who got tired of the “churning and burning” at his own hair salon.

“It was done right,” he says of Guido’s talent. “And the way I judge a good haircut is that when it grows, does the haircut change?”

Schuller comes mainly for the wash and the haircut, but Guido also specializes in lather shaves or and facial massages.

“A lot of guys like to relax and have a hot lather shave,” he says.

By his count, more than 30 percent of his clientele have been with him more than 30 years. That’s impressive, especially when you consider the vast competition out there.

This year, Guido is also celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary.

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