(WSCR) Add teammate D.J. Moore to the list of those displeased with Jay Cutler’s actions during the Bears’ loss to the Packers on Thursday night.

Cutler was sacked seven times and threw three interceptions in the Bears’ loss. After one of those sacks, Cutler was seen yelling at offensive tackle J’Marcus Webb and later bumped him with his shoulder pads out of frustration.

Speaking at Halas Hall on Monday, Moore addressed the quarterback’s actions.

“I don’t think you can act like that,” Moore said. “To make it seem like it’s just (the offensive line’s) fault or what not, I just think it’s wrong. I would feel (upset) if he were to do me like that. To make it seem like, ‘Well, the reason that I’m having a bad game is because of what you’re doing and it’s not about me taking accountability for myself because I’m throwing these types of passes or doing this type of read…’ It’s a tough situation.

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“When you act like that with your own teammates on the sideline, it’s just something different that you normally wouldn’t do. You might say it in the locker room or something, but to do it like (Cutler) did it, it’s just weird.”

Moore also said he doesn’t expect Cutler to change in the future.

“It’s just what he is,” Moore said. “He’s always been that way.

“It’s just him. It’s the type of guy he is. He’s not going to hold anything back.”