Updated 09/19/12 – 8:17 p.m.

WASHINGTON (CBS) — A seemingly simple question became a bit of a mystery on Wednesday: is U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s home in Washington, D.C. up for sale or not?

As CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports, it turns out the answer is yes, but getting that answer was tougher than you might think.

A number of real estate listings indicated Jackson’s Victorian-style brick rowhouse in the DuPont Circle area of D.C. was up for sale with an asking price of $2.5 million, but the Prudential realtor told CBS 2 the listing for the Jackson home was withdrawn the same day it was posted. The realtor said the listing was no longer active.

However, later Wednesday, Jackson spokesman Rick Bryant said the home was for sale, and was still listed.

“Like millions of Americans, Congressman Jackson and Mrs. Jackson are grappling with soaring healthcare costs, and are selling their residence to help defray costs of their obligations. The Congressman would like to personally thank everyone who has offered prayers on behalf of his family,” Bryant said.

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Brian Woodworth, the Republican running against Jackson, said, “we’re still in the same road that he’s been in, of keeping the world, keeping his district in mystery. And it just continues the circus. Why not let us know?”

Woodworth said he suspects Jackson does not plan to stay in Washington, and plans to resign his seat after the election.

“He’s going to stay in the race, with the expectation to float through, and then drop out after the election, and let the Democrat party appoint somebody,” he said. “That’s what I believe is going to happen.”

The attempt to sell the Washington, D.C., house comes as Jackson is recovering from bipolar depression, or Bipolar II.

Jackson has been on medical leave from Congress since June 10. The reasons for his absence were not revealed until last month, when the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., confirmed that he was there being treated for the Bipolar II depression, as well as a gastrointestinal ailment.

Roosevelt University political science professor Paul Green said it’s possible statement from Jackson’s office is the precise reason for the choice to sell the home: Jackson needs the money due to large medical bills.

“It could also be that he may be giving up on politics. It could also be that they may move to a different house. One can’t speculate,” he said. “The only thing that we know for sure is that Congressman Jackson is ill, he needs time to recover.”

The Jackson home has four bedrooms, five full or half-baths, and five fireplaces. The $2.5 million is several times the amount the Jackson’s paid for the home when they bought it.

Jackson has been absent from Congress since June, and while he remains on the November ballot, his staff cannot say when he will return actively to Congress again.

Jackson’s official home is on Chicago’s South Side, but his children attend school in D.C.

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