(WSCR) Maybe Vince Young should take a page out of Redskins rookie Alfred Morris’ book.

Instead of blowing his money like Young did, Morris is keeping it simple – even though he recently signed a four-year contract worth over $2 million.

According to a report, Morris still drives a 1991 Mazda 626 sedan – his first car, which he calls “Bentley” – and he has no plans of upgrading any time soon.

“It has some sentimental value to it now,” Morris said on Wednesday. “It just keeps me grounded, where I came from and all the hard work for me to get to this point. So that’s what helps me.”

Kelley Blue Book lists the private-party value of a 1992 Mazda 626 at $1,160.

“But my friends just teased me like, ‘Man, what are you doing in that piece of crap?’ and I’d say, ‘Oh, you talkin’ ’bout that Bentley right there? The name just stuck, and eventually all my friends would be like, ‘Hey let me get a ride in the Bentley!’”

alfred morris mazda car 260x197 Photo: Redskins Rookie Running Back Still Drives 91 Mazda Sedan

Alfred Morris’ car. (Credit: LBS)