CHICAGO (CBS) — The iPhone 5 doesn’t go on sale until Friday morning, but there was already a line outside the Apple Store on Michigan Avenue at dawn Thursday.

“I’m so obsessed with it, so I’m showing my loyalty by camping out,” said Darien Hutchinson, 19, one of the people who were camped out outside the Apple Store, 679 N. Michigan Ave. He got there on Wednesday, and the line has been forming ever since Tuesday afternoon.

Sasha Markgraf, 18, bundled up in a sleeping bag Wednesday night and tried to stay warm. He said he just has to have the iPhone 5, and before most other people get one.

“I just like the new look of it. I mean, I’ve had iPhones since I can remember – since they came out – and now, I’m just moving up to the iPhone 5 because I like the upgrades,” he said.

The iPhone 5 has a larger screen and faster data speeds with 4G LTE, among other features.

CNET’s Scott Stein says it also features a new processor, a new design, iOS 6 and other features. He calls it the best iPhone that’s been made.

Stein described the iPhone 5 as a “reboot” of the device, which started the smartphone revolution in 2007.

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