Decorate your car with Chicago Bears accessories to be the ultimate fan (Credit: Candice Petill)

Decorate your car with Chicago Bears accessories to be the ultimate fan (Credit: Candice Petill)

When it comes to tailgating, most people inevitably think about the camaraderie of being amongst other fans, the great food and getting into the game-day spirit before kickoff. However, a huge part of tailgating is expressing your enthusiasm for the team by not only dressing the part but also decorating your tailgate car. Fans of the Chicago Bears have an abundance of options when it comes to tailgating accessories for the car. Read on for a layout of decorations that will make your car stand above from the rest.

Sun Shades 

A great tailgating car decoration also protects your skin from an overheated seat. While your car is parked in a designated tailgating area, it can be subject to the scorching sun for not only the hours of tailgating but also while you are in the stadium watching the game. The Chicago Bears Auto Sun Shade goes for $25 and is placed within your front windshield to protect your interior from excessive heat. However, because of its design, it stands as a great tailgating decoration for your car as well.

There is a strict ban on canopies for Chicago Bears tailgating. However, the ban is not specific on non-free standing canopies. Therefore, many tailgaters are looking into retractable canopies connected to their tailgating cars. Sports Shade has a Chicago Bears football SportsShade that allows for a canopy-like retractable awning. The product description boasts setup in less than 30 seconds and features a customizable banner that’s perfect for tailgating.

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Cooking Accessories

Die-hard tailgating fans will be thrilled with the Margaritaville Tailgating Grill. This grill actually attaches to a standard tow hitch on the back of your vehicle. The grill rides on the back side of your vehicle while driving and then extends away for use during tailgating. Tailgating Ideas takes the grill and completely customizes it to suit your favorite team. The Chicago Bears customized grill is complete with the Bears’ signature colors and proudly displays the emblem in the middle of the grill.

Some tailgaters don’t come equipped with fancy grills or bulky tailgating tables. The Chicago Bears Heavy Duty Vinyl Cargo Mat is great for transforming the back of any vehicle into an all-purpose station. This cover displays the Bears’ emblem, protects the interior of the car from spills and drips and is fully transportable. It’s also a great mat for placing store-away items for cleanup after tailgating.

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Tailgate cars wouldn’t be the same without team decals. These easy, stick-on decals can adhere to multiple surfaces and are removable and reusable. This is a great way to completely transform your vehicle to get into team spirit without having to permanently alter the appearance of your car. There are a variety of different decals that are out on the market but there are a few that stand above the rest.

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