By Matt Spiegel-

White Sox fandom’s feeling of impending doom isn’t based on much proof this season. I don’t share it, but of late it’s getting hard to shout down.

The Sox have been a better, more fundamentally sound team than Detroit all season long. The Tigers are one of the worst defensive bunches in recent memory. The numbers support that a bit, as Detroit has turned the fewest double plays in the American League, and allowed the second most unearned runs.

Beyond stats, trust your eyes. Austin Jackson is the only top caliber defender among their starters. Omar Infante was acquired to solidify the infield, and he has been awful, admittedly playing “a little tight.”

Lately, though, the White Sox have had too many moments when they don’t look much better at the basics.

They were “Royalsed” once again in Kansas City. You don’t lose 12 of 18 games against a team like that without hurting your cause. This series alone saw horribly failed bunt attempts, missed cutoff men, and two horrendous baserunning mistakes at third in the same game.

Friday night’s opener in Anaheim brought a misplay in center field and a needless pirouette at shortstop, amid Jake Peavy’s worst effort in a month.

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