CHICAGO (CBS) — The NFL season is being grounded by gluttons. The team owners, in a labor dispute, have been locking out the regular referees, and replacing them with refs who don’t know how to do the job.

Last night, for example, in the last play of the game between the Seahawks and the Packers, the rookie refs watched a Hail Mary pass. Two refs came up with two opposite decisions.

The wrong one prevailed, and the game was a wreck.

The reason for the whole mess is the NFL wants to avoid paying $3 million dollars in retirement benefits to the refs. A measly $3 million out of $9 billion last year in revenue.

The owners don’t want to spend it, so they are renting referees, and everyone but the owners are losers.

The players and the fans are losers. Professional football’s a loser.

Rah rah rah team. Rah rah greed.

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