AURORA, Ill. (CBS) — A 4-year-old girl in Aurora is being praised as a hero for calling 911 to help her mother.

WBBM Newsradio’s Brandis Friedman reports Livia Jensen called 911 after her mother collapsed in their home on Sunday.

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With her mother unable to move or talk, Livia calmly answered emergency dispatcher Jill Schmidt’s questions about her mom’s condition.

“She’s not answering you?” Schmidt asked the little girl.

“No, but her head hurts, because she’s showing me what hurts,” Livia said.

“She’s showing you her head hurts?” Schmidt asked.

“Uh huh,” Livia said.

“And is she bleeding anywhere Livia?” Schmidt asked.

“Well, no,” Livia said.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Brandis Friedman reports

Livia was taught to call 911 in an emergency a year ago by her mother, Diana Jensen, who suffers from Lupus.

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On Sunday, Diana collapsed and Livia found her lying on the floor, unable to move or talk, and Livia knew just what to do.

Schmidt told Livia to let her mom know she had called 911 and that help was on the way.

Livia’s mother, who is physically disabled, was suffering a severe migraine. Her daughter was able to tell Schmidt her address and inform her that her mother was still breathing, by seeing that her chest was moving up and down.

Livia, her mom, and Schmidt were all smiles when they met face-to-face for the first time on Wednesday.

“I was glad that she listened to you, especially giving the phone to my ear, so that you could hear my voice,” Diana told Schmidt. “I know I didn’t get to talk to you, and I’m sorry.”

Schmidt told Diana not to apologize.

“You did exactly what you were supposed to do,” Schmidt said.

“Thank you so much. Thank you so much,” Diana said.

After Livia’s call on Sunday, paramedics arrived within minutes to take Diana to the hospital. She was treated and released.

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“It’s amazing,” said Schmidt. “It reminds me of why I do the job. When it’s a small child, it becomes very personal to every dispatcher. She was outstanding.”