By Adam Harris-

(CBS) Packers fans are not happy. Monday night’s Hail Mary debacle created an uproar nationwide that took a win away from one of the NFL’s most popular teams. As sympathetic as some fantasy football owner might be, their main concern is how the Packers offense, especially Aaron Rodgers, is effecting their fantasy season.

Through three weeks, Rodgers has put up a sub par 45 total fantasy points, ranking him 20th among all fantasy quarterbacks. The likes of Mark Sanchez (NYJ), Jake Locker (TEN), Alex Smith (SF), Christian Ponder (MIN), Ryan Fitzpatrick (BUF), Carson Palmer (OAK), Joe Flacco (BAL), and Andy Dalton (CIN) all have more fantasy points through three weeks than the top ranked fantasy quarterback in the preseason.

Something is wrong with the Packers offense and Aaron Rodgers is taking the main fantasy hit. In 15 games last year, Rodgers’ lowest fantasy score was 18, and that was in a 46-16 blowout of the Raiders where Packers running back Ryan Grant had his best day of the season.

So far this year, Rodgers has put up two horrible fantasy games: Week 2 against the Bears with 11 points and Week 3 in Seattle with 10 points. Yes, Rodgers has faced tough defenses with the 49ers, Bears and Seahawks, but when he faced tough defenses last year, he did just fine.

Last year, Rodgers put up 22 points and 32 points against the Bears, 42 points against the Giants, and even 22 in the game the Packers lost to the Chiefs. Rodgers scored 46 fantasy points against a Broncos defense that gave many quarterbacks trouble.

Rodgers had nine games last year where he scored 24 or more fantasy points, and four with 30 or more. It was this consistency that gave many owners the confidence to draft Rodgers with the No. 1 overall pick, passing up on Arian Foster (HOU), LeSean McCoy (PHI) and Ray Rice (BALT). Teams rightfully expected at least 22 points a week from Rodgers, and have been sorely disappointed.

This article is not to panic Rodgers owners, or advise an impulse trade. The point of this is to bring to attention the desperate situation some Rodgers owners are in. I imagine if you drafted Rodgers, your record is 1-2 this year, and if Rodgers has another bad week, 1-3 would be tough to come back from.

You have to keep playing him, but what might have been an untouchable Rodgers in Week 1, has now become a player you must entertain trade offers for. Replacing Rodgers with a Peyton Manning type, and a nice No. 2 running back would not be crazy at this point.

The fact that the Packers have the potential of a running game this year seems to hurt their quick paced, no huddle, sharp throw offense Rodgers owners were all used to every game last year. Rodgers has been pressured more than normal, and has missed throws that he would hit in his sleep last year.

I still think Rodgers is the most talented quarterback in the NFL, however fantasy owners need to pay close attention to his next few games. There are teams out there that will pay a lot for potential and that is one thing Rodgers always has. The quarterback who averaged about 26 fantasy points a game last year will draw plenty of interest on the trade block.

Just remember what I said in my pre draft guide: know your tiers. There are many quarterbacks that can perform almost as good as Rodgers week-to-week. The running back position is a different story, so if you can get a hold of a running back, do it.

A key to winning each week is being able to adapt your preseason notion of the NFL to what is actually happening through the first three weeks. Do not let stubbornness cloud your judgement when assessing your team. If your No. 1 pick is not doing what he should, and you cannot afford to bank your whole team on him, find out what you can get.

There is something going on with the Packer offense, and they will most likely figure it out. In the meantime, Aaron Rodgers is costing you fantasy wins and you can afford to wait for the Packers to figure it out.

Adam Harris is an Update Anchor, reporter, and producer for 670 The Score. You can ask Adam Harris fantasy football questions via Twitter @AHarris670 .