OAK PARK, Ill. (CBS) – One hospital is hosting a “girl’s night out” where you can get some medical advice with your Merlot.

CBS 2’s Roseanna Tellez reports from the historic Cheney Mansion, where organizers set up tables with wine.

The guests were on doctor’s orders to unwind. Lois Tyson has attended the event before.

“You feel more at ease, less anxious and then you can talk about issues that concern you,” she says.

Dr. Paula Kezdie-Rogus from Gottlieb Memorial Hospital says the dynamic is entirely different.

“Most programs are geared where there’s a speaker and there is an audience and there really is not that much participation by the audience with the physician or speaker,” she says.

Pat Healey likes the way it makes doctors more accessible than they seem at the office.

“There’s a doctor up there, you’re the patient in the gown, looking pretty frumpy. This way, you’re equals,” Healey says.