WHEATON, Ill. (CBS) – There’s been another coyote attack in the suburbs.

A beloved pet was nearly killed in the 2000 block of Stonebridge Court in Wheaton. CBS 2’s Pamela Jones spoke to the woman who saved the dog’s life.

Evie gives lots of loving kisses to the woman who saved her life. But the Bichon Frise still bears the scars from when a coyote clamped its jaws onto her neck last week.

“He had her entire head in his mouth, and in a panic, i just screamed and yelled. I was like, No!’” dog-sitter Megan Wilt says.

She had let Evie and another dog out into the yard at about 10:30 pm. from the patio of the Wheaton home. Wilt heard the dogs barking and spotted the coyote among some landscaping stones.

The coyote sank its teeth into Evie’s skin and picked her up like a toy. It dropped Evie near the fence before it jumped back over to run away.

The coyote had to clear a fence of more than 5 feet.

Evie’s owner, Linda Arigi, was on vacation when the attack occurred. She’s happy her dog-sitter sprang into action in time.

“Be careful. You honestly don’t know where they are,” Wilt says.

The story doesn’t end with the attack. Wilt says when she got home from taking the dogs to the vet, the coyote was sitting in the driveway ready to pounce again.

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