CROWN POINT, Ind. (CBS) — An Indiana family was asking for help Tuesday in locating a missing woman, who was last seen at the airport in Dallas last month.

CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli sat down with the woman’s family and friends, and has the story of a mystery that has now stretched into its 23rd day.

Barbara Rysiewicz said, as she was boarding a plane at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport with her other daughter, who needs a wheelchair, she saw her daughter Jeanne was trailing far behind.

“I looked back, and I’m like ‘Where is she?’ and I saw her way back there, and I said, ‘Hey, come on, we gotta go,’ … and then I boarded,” Rysiewicz said.

For some reason, Jeanne never got on the plane.

Rysiewicz said she realized, “We all were on, we’re waiting, and they’re calling, and she’s not coming.”

So she got off the plane, and frantically searched for Jeanne.

“I looked in the bathrooms. I looked everywhere. I looked down the hallways,” said Rysiewicz.

Airport authorities and police were contacted. Surveillance video showed Jeanne leaving the airport alone. Her cell phone was then found outside the terminal, as was one of her two carry-on bags.

But there’s been no sign of the vibrant 26-year-old from Crown Point since then.

Asked what she misses most, Jeanne’s best friend, Karen Schiesser said, “Everything. Probably just her bubbliness. … She’s really funny. She’d have rubber chickens in her purse, or something crazy like that. She’s just a funny, bubbly person”.

Now the young woman known for making others laugh has them crying and staying up at night.

“We all love her. And no matter anything that’s ever happened to her, anything she’s ever done, we’re part of her. We love her and we just want her to come home,” said friend Maria Becerra, as she fought back tears. “I don’t know where else to look. I wish I had more money to go down to Texas and find her.”

Jeanne’s mom said her daughter was not on anti-depressants, and has no known mental health issues. Anyone who knows anything about Jeanne’s whereabouts is asked to call police.

Mike Puccinelli