By Jim Williams

GARY, IN. (CBS)– Life has certainly changed for Gabby Douglas. Look no further than her grandparents’ home in northwest Indiana. CBS 2’s Jim Williams reports.

From the little girl who ate sweet potato pie at her grandparent’s on Thanksgiving to an international star–the first African American gymnast to win the individual Gold Medal at the Olympics.

And her grandparents’ couldn’t be prouder, saying they’ve now purchased 25 of the Kellogg’s Corn Flakes boxes that feature Douglas.

“Yeah, I walked in and there’s a whole bunch of magazines of me and pictures on the fridge or on the table and corn flake boxes everywhere. And I’m like wow, oh my goodness, this house is like decorated with me. It’s a shrine,” Douglas said.

The demands on her time are enormous, yet at the luncheon in her honor, hosted by the Barden Gary Foundation , she was warm and accommodating.

When asked if her new fame ever gets tiring, Douglas replied “No, I’ve always dreamed about being this role model to send a message to kids or anyone anything is possible and you can really do it if you set your mind to it.”

Believe it or not, Douglas said she watched a recording of her entire performance at the London Olympics for the first time at her grandparents’ home last night.

“I was nervous. Wait, why was I nervous!” Douglas laughed.

As for the future, Gabby Douglas would like an encore.

“I plan to stick with gymnastics. I think I’m too young to retire. I definitely want to attend 2016,” she said.

That would be the olympics 4 years from now in Rio. Right now, Gabby Douglas is in the middle of a 40-city tour with her fellow gymnastics’ stars.