DEERFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — Skunks – it’s what the stink’s all about. In the northern suburbs – skunks are making a big stink.

“It’s just so prevalent right now,” said Matt Kriser of The Barking Lot dog groomer in Deerfield. “How many skunk dogs are we getting a day? About one or two — that’s a lot.”

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The latest victim was the Bluman family’s 2-year-old Lab-mix named Georgia.

“She was freaking out in the back yard. I felt bad for her,” said Laura Bluman. “Not bad enough to let her in.”

Georgia was the latest victim in their neighborhood.

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Skunk stats are at an all-time high, with double digit reporting increases over recent years, and there’s a drastic spike in skunks captured by Nuisance Wildlife Control permit holders in northeastern Illinois: In 2011, there were 9,510 skunks captured, compared to 6,741 skunks in 2010.

“Biologists aren’t sure why there have been more nuisance skunk problems the last couple of years,” said Illinois Department of Natural Resources spokesman Tim Schweizer. “Skunks are seasonally active in the fall, eating a lot to get ready for winter.

Click here for some tips if you find yourself in the stinky situation of getting skunked.

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Brad Edwards