WOODSTOCK, Ill. (CBS) — A young child was abused, suffered a head injury, and spent nearly a week in the hospital; two adults were home with the girl at the time, yet no one has been criminally charged.

There was only an Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) case on the incident.

The victim’s frustrated family agreed to talk to CBS 2’s Dave Savini.

Now, at three years old, the little girl is cute and full of energy. Two years ago, pictures show a hospitalized baby with a swollen head and blackened eye, at the age of 14 months.

Her grandmother, Jennine Manarpaac, had received a call the baby was rushed to the hospital in Woodstock. Manarpaac said, When she arrived, she was horrified.

“When I saw her, I screamed. She was almost unrecognizable. Her ear was sticking straight out. Her head was out to here, and she was crying,” said Manarpaac who wants someone to help her granddaughter get justice.

The girl had been with her mother, Brittney McElman, and McElman’s boyfriend at the time.

According to court records, McElman said she did not know how the baby was injured, and gave stories that were “inconsistent”.

Case records indicated the injuries were from “blunt force trauma”.

“This isn’t the only time,” said Manarpaac. “There were other injuries that were lied about, and covered up.”

Manarpaac pointed to pictures taken in the months before the head injury. The baby had a bruised ear one day, bruising on her forehead another day, then another forehead bruise.

One court record said her mother admitted to lying about past injuries to the baby, in order to protect her boyfriend.

Savini tried to talk to the baby’s mother, but she pulled her car into the garage, then she walked to a neighbor’s house, while leaving the little girl in the car, and the garage door still open.

Matthew Manarpaac, the baby’s father, said he wants to see whoever abused his daughter prosecuted.

“No criminal charges have been brought up. No arrests,” said Matthew Manarpaac.

According to a DCFS investigation, Brittney McElman and her then boyfriend were indicated for child abuse, and the state took action – temporarily limiting the mom’s access to her daughter.

“I think there’s an abundance of evidence here,” said Matthew Manarpaac, who is upset with the lack of prosecution.

He and his mom worked with Woodstock police and say they were told they would get justice.

CBS 2 asked Woodstock Police Department officials why the case has taken so long. They confirmed they have investigated the girl’s case for alleged abuse, and have turned it over to the McHenry County States Attorney’s Office for approval of charges.

That was more than a year and a half ago.

“I just want my daughter to be safe,” said Matthew Manarpaac.

“The fact that she was probably crying for us when this was happening to her – and we weren’t there to help her – makes me sick,” said an emotional Jennine Manarpaac.

Numerous calls to the McHenry County State’s Attorney have not been returned.