CHICAGO (CBS) — There was no sleeping in the South Shore neighborhood this morning, as sirens woke up residents.

At 85th Street and Exchange Avenue, the Saturday morning quiet was shattered by sounds of sirens.

Police were summoning residents to a street meeting.

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“Want everybody to know we are out here and we want them to know what is going on in the community,” said Fourth District Police Commander Berscott Ruiz.

He said neighbors here helped police take down an open air drug market and 10 gang members were arrested.

“We need their participation, their input,” Ruiz said. “We need them to know they are our eyes and ears.”

Tenth Ward Ald. John Pope was out in the neighborhood, knocking on doors.

“It just not the police or alderman’s responsibility, it is all of our responsibility,” he said. “There’s been a good response, people have been coming out. The recognize more than us what the problems are.”

Residents say their neighborhood is dangerous, at all times of the day or night and that people are afraid to come outside.