(CBS) — Chilling words during a court hearing last week foreshadowed the fatal shooting spree at a Wisconsin spa over the weekend, when a 45-year-old former Marine killed his wife and two other women, then himself.

CBS 2’s Jim Williams reports, on Sunday, Radcliffe Haughton shot and killed his wife, Zina Haughton, and two other women at the suburban Milwaukee spa where Zina worked. He then took his own life.

Just days earlier, Zina told a judge she feared for her life as she sought a restraining order against Radcliffe, who had accused her of cheating on him.

In court, Zina Haughton’s tone and words were frightening as she described her husband’s alleged harassment.

“The scariest night of my life, he ran in the basement, and he came upstairs, and he pulled a gun from behind his pants, and it accidently went off in-between me and my daughter’s head, about two inches from both of our heads,” she said.

haughton Spa Shooting Victim Had Restraining Order Against Husband: I Dont Want To Die

Radcliffe Franklin Haughton (Credit: Brookfield Police)

Zina told a judge Radcliffe had accused her of having an affair.

Witnesses said, on Oct. 4, he slashed Zina’s tires outside the spa where she would die little more than two weeks later.

Before the shooting, Zina had sought a restraining order against Radcliffe, who acted as his own attorney at Thursday’s hearing.

In court, Radcliffe asked his wife, “are you having an affair on your husband, Ms. Haughton?”

Her attorney objected, arguing the question was irrelevant.

Radcliffe told the judge he loved Zina, but blamed her for their marital problems.

“This is a woman that I love. Things haven’t always been the best that they could have been, but I can stand before the court, stand before God, and say that I love her. I love her unconditionally. This situation in hand was bought about by infidelity,” he said.

At the same hearing, Zina said, “Things have gotten so bad, Rad. I just … we need to separate. We need a divorce, before you hurt me. I don’t want to die. I just don’t want to die.”

Zina Haughton said her husband demanded passwords for her cell phone and bank accounts.

The restraining order was granted, requiring Radcliffe to stay away from his wife for the next four years, and forbidding him from possessing a gun.

But it did not stop Radcliffe from entering the Milwaukee-area spa where she worked three days later – with a gun – and killing his wife and two others, wounding four, then taking his own life.

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