(WSCR) A ground-breaking report from Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsbrugh Tribune-Review claims the Pittsburgh Pirates are lying about one of their top prospect’s injuries after the player reportedly re-aggravated his sprained ankle when he was forced to undergo unconventional training tactics.

The report alleges those in charge of the Pirates farm system are employing Navy SEAL training tactics that involve depriving players of sleep, running them through various military-type drills, filling garbage cans with sand and running through ice-cold swimming pools.

The tactics have reportedly caused top prospect Gregory Polanco to re-injure a sprained ankle suffered during the season. Polanco said he re-aggravated the injury during a drill that forced him to sprint across the outfield, through an above-ground pool of ice water, then leap into a sand pit.

Another teammate independently corroborated Polanco’s report.

When Kovacevic contacted the Pirates for an explanation, he received an anonymous email simply stating: “Polanco was NOT injured during that workout. He actually injured his ankle during the season. He opted out of those workouts, as he has continued to battle swelling but no pain.”

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