(WSCR) It’s pretty easy to see that Giants outfielder Hunter Pence forms a special bond with his bats.

After all, the 29-year-old has a special name for each bat. So when he he couldn’t find the bat, which he named Friar, that drove in three runs in the Giants’ Game 7 victory over the Cardinals, you can image how upset he was.

You see, this wasn’t just a normal bat. When the Giants were up 2-0 during the bottom of the third inning in Game 7, Pence broke ‘Friar’ when he made contact with the ball. Instead of the ball sailing into the field, it hit the broken bat again two more times (video below) before dropping into center field to score two runs, completely confusing Cardinal defenders.

After the game, Pence was informed his bat had been sold by the Giants at the stadium store that sells such items from the games on a nightly basis.

Understandably, Pence was disappointed.

“I just want to have it at home and show it to my kids,” he said.

Fortunately for Pence, the couple who purchased the bat for $400 decided to give it back in exchange for another autographed bat from Pence.

“We didn’t realize how awesome the bat was until we got home and watched the replays,” Terri Alagna, who purchased the bat, told the San Francisco Chronicle. “We were just like, ‘Oh, my gosh.’

“We’re really passionate fans. This is our team. Our sons, they’re older now. They’re in their 20s. They’re Eagle Scouts. We’re active in the Scouts community, so honesty is a big thing with us.”