(WSCR) There are certain words you just can’t say on TV – no matter who you are.

During this morning’s edition of First Take, Stephen A. Smith was discussing whether or not Kobe Bryant will play in the Lakers season-opener.

“He’ll be just fine,” Smith said. “Opening night, Kobe Bryant is going to miss it because (his) foot is sprained? Are ya’ll crazy? N**** please.”

Smith, however, is denying saying the ‘N’ word.

“I’m a New Yorker. I speak very, very fastly. … Sometimes my words are misconstrued and I get that,” Smith said in an explanation aired hours later.

Apparently, the brass at ESPN have decided not to suspend the analyst for his on-air incident. It should be noted this is the same network that suspended a Sportscenter host for saying “chink in his armor” when talking about Jeremy Lin earlier this year.

Check out the First Take video and Smith’s subsequent explanation below.