(WSCR) Those looking for White Sox general manager Kenny Williams to take a cheap shot at Ozzie Guillen in the wake of his firing from the Marlins should keep looking.

Because Kenny’s not biting.

“I focus on the things (Ozzie) brought to Chicago and the success we had here together . . . however it was ultimately portrayed or ended,” Williams told The Sun-Times. “Ozzie Guillen helped bring a World Series to a team, or a city starving for one. I hope the people of Chicago remember that more than anything else.”

Guillen’s departure from the White Sox was anything but a clean break, with Guillen and his sons taking subtle shots at Williams both on Twitter and in the media.

Still, Williams isn’t going to focus on the negative ending.

“Yes, Ozzie said things and his son said things toward the end and sometimes people get caught up in the aftermath of things,” Williams said. “But we have a choice to be bitter and angry or to push things off to the side. I choose to focus on the positive.”