By Jim Williams

CHICAGO (CBS) – The city of Chicago is extending the deadline to move boats out of harbors because of high waves that are expected this week in connection with Hurricane Sandy.

Steve Richards and his friend and business partner Don Calloway scrambled to move Steve’s boat to the north section of Belmont Harbor on Monday as the wind was picking up.

It was so rough, Steve and Don decided not to take the boat out onto the lake toward its winter storage facility.

“It’s a short season in the Midwest, in Chicago. I didn’t get my boat until June,” Calloway said in explaining his delay.

The city says more than 400 boats are still docked at Chicago harbors, only a couple of days before the seasonal deadline to get them out.

While only a few are left at Belmont Harbor, it’s a different picture at Montrose Harbor. Many boats are still docked there.

Mike Edelman, though, moved his sailboat early this month.

“People lose their lives in weather like this, in this water,” he says.

Tuesday will be much worse, with expected 25-foot-tall waves. So, the city is extending the deadline for the boats to get out of the harbors.