By Brad Edwards

CHICAGO (CBS) — Many are without power, much is still flooded. But at least a few travelers stranded by Hurricane Sandy in New York were finally able to head home Thursday.

CBS 2’s Brad Edward was at O’Hare International Airport to hear to their stories.

Behind each bag, there’s a tale.

A family celebration ended with Mendy Zimmeran’s escape from New York. He was booked and unbooked. He ended up double-booking to up the odds.

He ended up on a flight with 40 empty seats.

Chicagoan Marina Pitsoulakis was marooned with grandkids, but was separated from her grown disabled daughter who was back home.

“I tried to be calm but inside it was difficult,” she says. “Thank God it’s over.”

As for Zimmerman’s other family, seven more were stuck in New York. They’re not slated to return until Sunday.

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