(WSCR) Sunday marks the 20th anniversary of the now infamous “Neal from North Lake” call.

During his radio show on 670 The Score, then Bears head coach Mike Ditka received a rather critical call from Neal from North Lake.

“Instead of getting mad at the way his team played, why did, at the press conference, why did it appear that (Ditka) was holding back – trying not to cry like the baby he is?” Neil asked the coach.

To which Ditka responded: “I’m 53 years old and my office is at 250 N. Washington. Anytime you want to meet me there, you tell me what time and I’ll meet you there. I’ll whip your ass. You got that, wonder boy? It’s easy to hide behind a microphone. Let’s get out in public and see who the gutless wonder is.”

Listen: Ditka goes after Score caller