CHICAGO (CBS)– A missing persons case that is almost six years old is getting a boost. WBBM NewsRadio’s Steve Miller reports.

It was February of 2007 when 45-year-old John Spira disappeared, last seen in West Chicago, Illinois.

His sister Stephanie McNeil has been pressing investigators and the public to do more to help find her brother.

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Her latest quest: to get a billboard to remind people that John Spira is still missing.

“I just asked for a billboard and I honestly didn’t think they would do it because it was a huge request. And John’s case is getting pretty old,” McNeil said. “But I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask.”

And Clear Channel Outdoor advertising is donating not one but 14 digital billboards.

“Which just blows my mind,” she said.

A spokesman for Clear Channel said the billboards average 14 feet by 48 feet and will be up at least this month and next.