(WSCR) While announcing a highlight of a Reggie Bush touchdown run on FOX NFL Sunday this past weekend, analyst Terry Bradshaw made a comment that, on the surface, appeared to have racial undertones.

As Bush dashed to the endzone, Bradshaw exclaimed: “Look at this Jimmy, like he was chasing that bucket of chicken that the wind was blowing the other day.”

The comment, however, wasn’t meant to be disrespectful to Bush. It was actually a joke about Bradshaw’s colleague, Jimmy Johnson.

Bradshaw explained the comments this morning on WFAN in New York.

“On Sunday, (Jimmy Johnson) eats chicken,” Bradshaw explained. “He won’t share it with anybody. He gets Kentucky Fried Chicken and he orders four pieces of chicken. So, I’m always bustin’ his chops about chicken. So, when I do highlights, to make highlights more enjoyable for not only our viewers but also to keep the guys at the desk kinda engaged, I’m always messing with them during the highlights. … Jimmy, for some reason, I picked on a lot Sunday and really gave him the business. The Chicken things was one of them because he won’t share his chicken with anyone. But he loves chicken. So, when Reggie Bush made a run all over the place, I said it reminds me of Jimmy Johnson chasing a bucket of chicken into the wind. In other words, he’d do anything to get that chicken, not realizing that it came out that “he” was Reggie Bush. So, people thought I made a racial remark, which I didn’t. They didn’t know the story. It wasn’t anything any of us even gave a thought to.”

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