By Dorothy Tucker

(CBS) — A rash of burglaries in Will County has left a Vietnam veteran near tears.

Will County sheriff’s detectives report five burglaries in the last week in unincorporated Monee.

Among the victims is Ron Moe, a former Army specialist.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker takes a look at what made a man who survived Saigon so emotional.

Burglars broke into Moe’s barn early Wednesday morning, stealing $20,000 worth of special tools and materials Moe used to rebuild race cars.

“What they stole (is) thousands of dollars worth of stuff, and they turn around and make $200,” he says.

And this is the third time this year someone’s broken into the barn. He compares the emotional pain to his service in Vietnam.

“They both make me cry,” he says.

Moe says he shed tears in Saigon over the loss of life. He’s shedding tears now because the thieves took something he can’t replace.

“This drawer contained one of my grandfather’s magnifying glasses,” he says.

The wooden tool case was full of old measuring tools Moe still used. He’s convinced the thieves have no idea what they’ve taken. So, if they’re listening, he’s got an offer:

“Just bring back the stuff that was in this box — this little box. It won’t hurt you at all, and you won’t get nothing for it, anyway,” he says.

Moe’s offering a $1,000 reward for the return of his father’s tools.

And he’s getting an alarm system for his barn.

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