(WSCR) According to one NFL expert, if the Bears were to lose Cutler for any period of time this season, they can still succeed.

NFL insider Hub Arkush went as far as to say the Bears may have the best back-up quarterback in the NFL.

“In terms of Jason Campbell, I feel good about that,” Arkush said. “That was not Caleb Hanie last night. He came out and had pretty much the same game that Cutler did, except he didn’t throw the interceptions. … This team is going to the playoffs. It’s not like when Cutler went down last year and it was over. Jason Campbell, I think, is the best back-up quarterback in the NFL. I think he’d be starting for eight or nine teams.

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“I feel better, quite frankly, about the Bears in total after the game than I did before the game. We kept going in and saying, ‘Hey, they haven’t played anybody.’ Well, now they’ve played the best team in the AFC. I do think the conditions were a factor, but they played them pretty close to a standstill. I feel better about this Bears team.”

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