By Brad Edwards

ANTIOCH, Ill. (CBS) — An Antioch Elementary School teacher  is on paid leave after being accused of grabbing a student’s arm so hard it left distinct finger print bruises.

Antioch School District 34 officials tell CBS 2’s Brad Edwards the incident is under investigation.

“The first thing she said to me was , ‘Daddy, my teacher hurt me at school,’” says the father of the alleged victim, Zsanette.  “The last person you would expect to bully is a teacher.”

Ten-year-old Zsanette doesn’t know why the instructor harmed her by grabbing her arm. The bruises have faded on her arm but you can see finger imprints that penetrated her winter coat.

“She didn’t say anything — she just gave me a mean look, and it really hurt. I felt like crying,” the fifth-grader says.

She says she’s already no stranger to being picked on. She shares an often painful genetic disorder with her dad that causes tumors, dark rings under eyes and spotty skin.

Her peers “pick on me and they call me ugly and stuff,” Zsanette says.

The Antioch Police Department also confirms an investigation into the incident.

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