(WSCR) This week’s Crap of the Week goes out to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

This, from Blind Chauffeur.

“This crap goes out to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. This morning, Goodell was being interviewed when he said, ‘We are making real progress with how our teams deal with concussion because none of these players returned to the game.’ Roger, if you want to make real progress with concussions, you need to change the tough-guy mentality among players like Brian Urlacher who continue to think that a knee injury in the log run is more dangerous than the concussion. Or, the players like Jay Cutler and Jason Witten who get upset when they get removed from the game under the suspicion of head trauma. Even that aside, Cutler played another seven plays after the blow. Roger Goodell, I hear the lawyers calling to say, Who ya crappin’?”

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