WHEATON (CBS) — A suburban man appeared in court Monday to answer to charges that he threatened his daughter’s volleyball coach.

61-year-old John Kasik, who has been charged with making death threats to his daughter’s coach and athletic director, says a mix of depression and alcohol caused him to explode last month. CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports.

In court on Monday, he pleaded not guilty and told the judge he as been on medication for depression and also had been drinking prior to his daughter’s volleyball game at Lisle High School.

Kasik is also accused to threatening to rape the coach’s wife and daughter.

Kasik was set off by the coach Matt Hrubesky’s decision to bench his daughter during a game. He was upset by a player substitution and began yelling at the coach.

He then allegedly sent threatening texts and phone messages to the coach and athletic director Dan Dillard.

Kasik’s attorney said his client will get an MRI on Wednesday to prove he has a mental issue.

“It will sort out whether it’s a psychological or physical problem,” said attorney Joe DiNatale.

“We are taking all kinds of steps to make sure he is medically checked out and that here is no repeat occurrence.”

Kasik has some difficulty recalling the events of that day, DiNatale said.

DiNatale added that he expects to avoid a trial in the case with a resolution that will make everybody happy. Kasik faces up to three years in prison, but the maximum jail time in this case is highly unlikely.

Kasik is out on bond and is required to wear an electronic monitoring device. He also is not allowed to be near his daughter’s school.