DES PLAINES (CBS)– The family of a Maine West High School freshman is suing the school district, claiming their son was sexually assaulted during a hazing ritual in September. WBBM’s Steve Miller reports.

Their son had just made the varsity soccer team at Maine West in Des Plaines.

And the family’s attorney Antonio Romanucci said as his initiation, he was the victim of hazing–specifically, sexual assault.

“I think the coaches knew exactly what was going on here, and they gave the signal. And the kids knew what the signal was and that’s what happened,” he said.

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The boy’s mother, who did not give her name, appeared before the TV news cameras in disguise to talk about the lawsuit and her anger.

“I thought my son would be safe at school. You think when you drop off your son, it’s a safe place to be. But I feel like the coaches should’ve kept him safe on the soccer field and they didn’t do that.”

Maine Township High School is not commenting on the lawsuit, but says disciplinary action has been taken against 10 students, and five coaches have been relieved of their duties, at least temporarily.

Criminal charges have been filed against six students.