(WSCR) Jared Allen’s cheap shot on Lance Louis cost the Bears more than just Louis’ services for Sunday’s win.

The 27-year-old right guard was lost for the season with a knee injury in the wake of Allen’s head shot.

When the Bears re-match the Vikings in Minnesota on Dec. 9, one former NFLer says the Bears need to get back at the All-Pro defensive end.

“I’m all for guys that play the game violently,” Matt Bowen told The Boers and Bernstein Show. “That’s kind of the defensive mentality we’ve talked about for a long time. But make sure the guy is looking at you a little bit. If you’re going to hit him from the side when he’s not looking, anyone can do that. If you want to light him up, light him up. Go ahead. You can put your shoulder pad right underneath his pads. He could’ve laid (Louis) out easily. But he went for the head. That’s going to cause a fine. If you’re a Bears offensive lineman next game, that first snap, I’d cut his knees out. I’d tell him we’re going to do it all game because you took one of our guys out.”

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Though Allen wasn’t flagged for the play, Bowen believes Allen will receive a hefty fine for the league.

“I don’t think he needed to do it,” Bowen said. “He could’ve blown him up. He didn’t have to launch himself. I think that’s what obviously led to the injury and that’s what is going to lead to the at least a $20,000 fine. He put a guy down with a helmet shot, plus with the injury – it’s going to be a larger fine. I don’t know why he launched himself. Was he frustrated? I don’t know the guy. Did he do it on purpose? No one knows. It looks like he did.”