By Adam Harris-

(CBS) Yes, I know you are too cool for fantasy football now that your team is in last place. Ever since the Darren McCfadden injury, you have not logged on to your fantasy team because it is too much work to find a proper replacement for your first-round bust. Well it is now Week 13 and time to WAKE UP! People are relying on you to help them into the playoffs. This is no longer about you and your pouty, bad team. This is about the owner who has made 29 roster moves in 12 weeks, and is 6-6, one win from the playoffs, needing  your help.

The following is a guideline to those who have “checked out” of fantasy football. I want to make all owners ethical once again, especially in Week 13.

If anyone has a team reliant on a “checked out” player, forward this article to them.

Set Your Lineup

Ryan Fitzpatrick is not a proper starter in fantasy football. I realize you started him when Aaron Rodgers went on bye and forgot to change him back, but for the love of God, it takes two seconds.

Do the league a favor and log in for a measly three minutes and change your lineup in a positive manner. Start a defense this week. Put C.J. Spiller back in your lineup. Take Rob Gronkowski out and sub a mediocre tight end that will most likely get you six points. I promise, doing these things will make you feel better about yourself. You are doing no good in the world putting up zeros at various positions week to week because of injured players. Put in a respectable lineup and you will be respected as a person.

Use Your No. 1 Waiver Claim

By now you have the No. 1 waiver claim, as you haven’t made a pickup in eight weeks. Do not let it go to waste. Go on waivers and plug and play Knowshon Moreno this week.Titus Young has been inactive for a few weeks now, so go pick up Ryan Broyles and start him.

A few minutes of roster moves can improve your team immensely. Who knows, maybe this week you wont be mentioned in the “Blowout of the Week” section of your league’s weekly newsletter. Stop being a walking mat and field a credible team.


Ask Yourself: “Would I Do This If I Was In Contention?”

Before making a trade, dropping a player, setting your lineup, etc, look deep inside yourself and figure out if that move benefits your team. Too many teams do not care at this, the most important week of fantasy football, leaving many bubble teams worried about their status.

Fantasy football etiquette is very important for the bad teams to follow because it allows order to continue in a league. Act as if every week matters for your team, all the way down to the end.

Do Not Throw A Game To Improve A Your Or A Friend’s Status

Putting in a lineup you know will lose to benefit yourself or a friend is worse than being an absentee owner. This is borderline collusion, and the karma will end up working against you in the fantasy playoffs. A good Week 13 is important with momentum heading into the first round, and messing with that could cost you in week 14.

OK, so there is no momentum in fantasy football, but I stand by my statement that says throwing weeks to get a better draft pick or help a friend improve their status is wrong. If this is believed to happen in your league, the teams responsible should face punishment.

Know The In-actives

Willis McGahee is out for the second straight week so do not play him. Darren Sproles is back, and Darren McFadden could be back. Percy Harvin still has not practiced so he might need to be replaced.

These are obvious status updates, but they are important to be said to the last place team in the league, who’s match-up with a bubble team matters this week. Next year you can quit fantasy, but you made a commitment for this full season, and the season has one more week. You were the one on draft day that proclaimed, “I love my team. I can’t wait to beat all you guys,” so do not pretend like you have never cared about this league.

Be Vocal

If you are one who pays attention and sees an absentee owner in your league, feel free to call them out in front of everyone. Even if it is going to possibly hurt your chances at the playoffs, open your mouth and point out the unmotivated owner to your league. Demand that he/she set his/her lineup and good things will happen for you.

The fantasy gods will shine on all who follow the week 13 ethics guide to fantasy football. It may not be this year, but if you finish strong with a bad team this year, you will be rewarded.

The voice inside your head saying, “I’m done with fantasy football. I will never play again,” is wrong. You will be back next year, and you will need someone to follow these rules to benefit your team. Karma will get you if you are absentee owner in week 13.

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