(WSCR) Here are this week’s over/unders from The McNeil and Spiegel Show.

Brandon Marshall’s Receiving Yards:

He’s the Bears go to.  Over 37% of team targets are at him.  Highest in the NFL by wide margin.
Seattle contains #1 wide receivers for the most part.
Held Percy Harvin to 10 yds receiving, Calvin Johnson to 46 yds, Greg Jennings to 35 yds, Miles Austin to 63, Larry Fitzgerald to 63 yds.  However did have Wes Welker go off for 138 in a win over Patriots.
Brandon Marshall averaging 92.5 yards per game.
#1 WR’s averaging 55.5 yards per game vs. Seattle
O/U for Brandon Marshall Receiving Yards vs. Seahawks:  79.5
Mac and Spiegs both go Over

Bears Rushing Attempts (by running back)
Bush, Forte and Armando Allen had 36 carries for 104 yds vs. Minnesota
27 carries for 72 yards in San Fran
19 carries for 73 yards vs. Houston
32 carries for 151 yards in Tennessee
Seahawks are allowing 108.6 rush yards against – 12th best in NFL
O/U for Bears rush attempts by running backs: 29.5
Mac and Spiegs both go over

Russell Wilson QB Rating:
49 of last 70 throws completed (70%) in last 3 games
7 TD and 0 INT in that time.  128.6 combined QB rating in those games
All three games he’s gone over 125 QB Rating.
Bears last three QB Rating’s against:
Ponder was 58.2 last week, Kaepernick was 133.1 and Schaub was 42.9
O/U for Russell Wilson QB Rating:  88.5
Mac – Over         Spiegs – Under

OLine/TE Penalties:
Gabe Carimi holding (although tougher at guard?)
False starts by Webb or Davis
Hell, false starts by Roberto Garza…he’s somehow had 3 this month
Makeshift offensive line this week…how will that go?
Chip Help?  Will he make an appearance and get flagged?
O/U for Bears penalties on OLine/TE’s this week:  3.5
Mac – Over                   Spiegs – Under

Marshawn Lynch Rushing Yards
He’s 2-1 in his career vs. Bears but he has really, really struggled
In 3 games – he has rushed for 88 yards on 41 carries vs. Bears
Includes NFC Divisional Game in January of 2011:  4 carries, 2 yards.
Does however have 3 rushing touchdowns vs. the Bears in those games
Bears D allows 96.9 rush yards per game…9th best in NFL
He’s averaging 95.5 rush yards a game this season
O/U for Marshawn Lynch rush yards:  70.5
Mac – Over         Spiegs – Under

Broadcast Mentions
Tim Ryan a former Bear.  Is it at all brought up?
He mentions it “when I was here”…video, picture??
O/U for Ryan Mentions of Being a Bear:  0.5
Mac and Spiegs both go Under

Chris Meyers on Play By Play
Oh, Joy.  Is this really that bad of a matchup?
“That deserves a wow!” – his line
O/U for “That deserves a wow!”’s by Meyers:  1.5
Mac – Over         Spiegs – Under

Deep Dish Pizza Shots
We missed it last week with Siragusa.  One week we don’t do it…
Go back to it this week?  Probably not 2 weeks in a row, but who knows?
O/u for shots of Deep Dish Pizza:  0.5
Mac and Spiegs both go Over

Johnny Knox getting literally bent in half
One of worst looking injuries of all time – was against Seattle last year
Will they show video of it?
Will they show Knox and talk about his rehab a year later?
Garbage time filler?
O/U for references/shots of Knox’s hit last year:  0.5
Mac – Under                 Spiegs – Over

Video of Jay Cutler walking into the stadium at any point?
“It’s not anything but it’s something!” – Tom Jackson
Will there be a shot of Cutler walking into Soldier Field?
Mac and Spiegs both say no

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