(CBS) – Sexual hazing allegations at Maine West High School could now mean criminal charges for coaches and other staff.

At the center of the allegations Mike Divencenzo, one of two Maine West coaches named in a lawsuit that says they condoned a culture of hazing at the school.

The hazing allegedly included the sexual assault of three soccer players this year and a baseball player in 2008.

Now, the state’s Department of Children and Family Services wants the state’s attorney to decide if anyone at the school — from the coaches to a principal accused of looking the other way — should face criminal charges.

“This is clear signal to all school administrators from the top down to the bottom up that if there is suspected abuse you have to report this. You cannot sit back and just hope that this thing goes away,” says plaintiff’s attorney Tony Romanucci.

Romanucci says he continues to field calls from other parents telling similar hazing stories. He says the number now stands at well over 10.

The school district says it is still doing its own investigation of the claims.

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