CHICAGO (CBS) — Supporters of two coaches at Maine West High School are defending them, via Facebook.

Many of those supporting Michael Divincenzo and Emilio Rodriguez are current or former student athletes of the two coaches at the Des Plaines high school.

While they say they are appalled by the hazing allegations that involve sexual abuse, they don’t believe either coach knew anything about such misconduct.

Calling Divincenzo by his nickname, Ashley Owens who created the Facebook page, writes, “Divo and Coach Rodriguez were always supportive of their students when they needed them most, now it’s our turn to return the favor.”

Students have been posting pictures and recalling fond memories of the coaches.

So far, the page has gotten some 500 “likes.”

In the wake of the hazing scandal that’s rocked the school, Maine Township District 207 has relieved the coaches of their duties and barred them from school grounds.

The hazing allegations involve incidents between upper and lower classmen on the baseball and boy’s soccer teams.