Updated 12/06/12 – 11:14 a.m.

DOLTON (CBS) — A call to police from a concerned resident in Dolton led police to a dog-fighting ring, and a man wanted for attempted murder.

Police arrested eight people and rescued more than a half dozen dogs from a dog fight Wednesday night.

A resident called police about 7 p.m. to report the dog fight at an industrial park in the 1500 block of 142nd Street. Cook County Sheriff’s police officers saw dogs fighting in a makeshift ring in a warehouse, and arrested the people at the scene.

“We went in, immediately arrested two people. It was clear they were about to conduct a dog fight. It could have … part of it could have started, even,” Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said.

Initially there was no sign of the other participants, but then a tipster told police to check the rafters of the warehouse.

“There were some up by the roof. We went back in and got six more people,” Dart said. “So we have eight people in custody right now.”

One of those arrested was wanted on an attempted murder warrant.

Police also searched the vehicles parked in the area around the warehouse, and found four more dogs. In all, seven dogs were rescued.

Dart said some of the animals were severely injured.

“Three dogs are pretty badly beat up, and they’re being cared for right now, and the extent of the injuries to the dogs are pretty serious,” he said. “This one was pretty bad.”

Police were trying to determine how the organizers of the dog fighting ring gained access to the warehouse. If the landlord allowed access, that individual could also be cited.

As for the dogs, they were being treated at the South Suburban Humane Society in Chicago Heights. They’ll eventually be placed in adoptive homes, but because each is “dog-aggressive,” they cannot live with other animals for now.

For information about how to help them, click here.

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