CHICAGO (CBS) — The Koschman-Vanecko story has become a really big one.

At first, it was about a drunk versus a drunk on Division Street, then about a newspaper versus the police for information about the investigation of David Koschman’s death, then about a manslaughter charge against Richard “R.J.” Vanecko, former Mayor Richard M. Daley’s nephew.

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Now it’s about an upcoming manslaughter trial and the presiding judge, his honor Arthur F. Hill.

Before being a judge, Hill was a political guy, trusted and employed by Daley when Daley ran the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office, moved up the ladder by Daley, appointed to the board of the CTA by Daley when Daley became mayor, given lucrative city business by Daley.

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Now Judge Hill is presiding over the manslaughter trial of Daley’s nephew.

Hard to believe? It ought not be. It’s life in the courts, the Chicago Way.

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