ROBBINS (CBS) — It’s one of a parent’s worst fears: Their young child abandoned without an adult in sight.

Parents in Robbins say that’s what happened when a substitute bus driver dropped off their children at the wrong stop — leaving them standing on a street corner.

Five-year-old Cameron Matthews was on the bus Monday.

His mother says the bus driver was supposed to take him and other youngsters to an after-school program in Posen.

They never made it and ended up alone on a street corner in Harvey.

One mother, Towanda Matthews, was shocked when she found out.

“I instantly started shaking,” she said. “I started crying, and my co-workers tried to calm me down.”

Her son wound up in the home of another student who was on the bus.

That boy’s grandparents called Matthews.

The mix-up is being investigated by the district and Paige Bus Enterprises.

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