By Adam Harris-

(CBS) Before I get to the RGIII breakdown, I need to vent. This past week I was bounced out of the first round of The Score’s fantasy league to the impressive Connor McNight. I was the two seed and he was the seven, as eight teams made the playoffs in a 14-team league.

I dropped 130 points, second most in the week. The problem was Connor’s team put up 146, the most of any team in our league that week and thanks to the Seattle defense, which scored 41 points, Connor will move on to the final four.

Earlier that week, I picked up two defenses, in addition to the two I already carried. The move was frowned upon by a few owners in the league as hoarding defenses. I do not want to get into either side of the argument, but I do want to point out the complete irony in how I lost. This has woken my belief in the fantasy gods.

I can safely use the word ironic to describe the way I lost in the first week of the fantasy football playoffs. A defense lead me to my demise, all while I held four defenses hostage on my team. Something to think about going forward while managing your team, not only if you are lucky enough to still be in the playoffs, but also for future teams.

Robert Griffin III

RGIII suffered an LCL sprain on Sunday, and there are many scenarios to think about when deciding to start or sit the best fantasy player this year.

I would air on the side of caution with Robert Griffin III this week. The best case scenario is he participates in full during all practices and is a full-fledged go on Sunday. However, the injury puts him on a short leash this Sunday, as he can still get hurt with one bad hit or cut during the game.

RGIII is now more susceptible to an injury, and watching your stud QB locked into your starting lineup, but sitting on the trainer table midway through the first quarter because of a tweak in his knee is devastating, especially during final four playoff time.

Here are two lists of names to start or possibly start over Griffin:

Guaranteed Start Over Over RGIII

Peyton Manning (Den @ BALT), Tom Brady (NE vs SF), Drew Brees (NO vs TB), Cam Newton (CAR @ SD), Aaron Rodgers (GB @ CHI)

Major Consideration

Andy Dalton (CIN) – Faces a Philly defense that gives up 21 points per week to quarterbacks. This is a Thursday game, so I would be inclined to start Dalton over RGIII because of the questions.

Josh Freeman (TB) – The Bucs need a win, and their opponent the Saints are the worst against the pass in the NFL and give up 23 points per week to quarterbacks.

Russell Wilson (SEA) – In Buffalo who give up an average of 19.54 fantasy points per week to quarterbacks.

Eli Manning (NYG) – Very solid play in December and Cam Newton dominated the Falcons defense last week.

Colin Kaepernick (SF) – In New England in primetime is tough, but the Patriots defense has given up 19.85 points per game to quarterbacks.

Starting RGIII will be a risk either way, and for those of you with an option in the first group, it is a no-brainer. Start the stud with less questions. For those with an option in the second tier, you will have to pay attention and read all there is to read about RGIII’s status.

Ultimately you will have to ask yourself if you want to take the risk on Sunday of seeing your stud quarterback frozen at five points because he was knocked out in the first quarter. Remember, Griffin is the Redskins’ franchise, and they will not risk it on a flyer to make the playoffs this year.

One more piece of advice: if you are facing RGIII this week, go “hoard” the quarterbacks on the waiver wire. Make sure your opponent doesn’t have a good back up option come Sunday morning.

Just be aware the fantasy gods might get you.

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